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A wiki is a website that provides collaborative modification of its content and structure directly from the web browser.

MediaWiki is a wiki software, the most advanced of its type. It powers Wikipedia and countless other wikis throughout the Web.

MediaWiki Solutions provides solutions to any MediaWiki-based project: installations, configurations, updates, backups, migrations, skins, templates, extensions, repairs, hacks, spam protection, SEO, consulting, anything MediaWiki related is our field.


The current skin at
The current skin at
The LocalGuardians skin.

One of the most common requests are custom skins. By clicking the links below you can get a glimpse of some of the skins we developed for various clients:

Bear in mind that the skins were not developed for this particular wiki, so sometimes the logo seems out of place or some other elements don't look quite right.

My standard price for developing a custom MediaWiki skin is 300 dollars, but if you want any of the skins above, the price is just 100 dollars.


Through the years, we've created and contributed to many MediaWiki extensions. Some of them we did per request, others voluntarily. Below are some links to the ones we uploaded to